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CNN Travel: Visiting Haida Gwaii, Canada's Most Mysterious Islands

February 06, 2020

CNN TRAVEL: Visiting Haida Gwaii, Canada's most mysterious islands

CNN Travel Recommends Haida House at Tllaal in Feature Story | February 06, 2020

Pristine wilderness dotted by ancient village sites so protected that only 12 people at a time are allowed to step ashore - this is Canada's final frontier, a remote archipelago off British Columbia's northernmost coast.
At once thrilling, serene and mysterious, the mist-shrouded peaks of Haida Gwaii rise from the waves like magical kingdoms, home to a wealth of rare species found nowhere else on earth and a people whose rich culture developed in isolation over more than 12,000 years.
The islands' peaceful coves, silent moss-grown forests, miles-long beaches and cultural riches remain largely undiscovered, yet ready to welcome an visitors drawn by the promise of an unforgettable experience.
—Melanie Haiken, CNN


Top Image Credit: Destination Canada c/o CNN Travel

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