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Get off the grid. Visit Ocean House, our luxurious new fly-in only west coast wilderness lodge.


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Off the coast of British Columbia lies the remote archipelago known as Haida Gwaii. For centuries, this land has remained untouched, respected and honoured by the Haida People. From the towering totem poles that line the coast to the calm rivers and dense, sprawling forests, you can feel the long-enduring spirit of the Haida People on this island. Out of the hemlock, spruce, and cedar trees wander proud northern mammals, while the white-capped ocean reveals intimate glimpses of the exotic marine life hidden within its depths.

the history of haida house

The lodge was built in the 1980s and was originally a privately run inn as the Tlell River House. After changing ownership, it then became a trophy bear-hunting lodge, and was closed to the non-hunting public. In 1995, the Council of Haida Nation called for the end of the recreational bear hunt on Haida Gwaii, and successfully retired the last remaining bear hunting licenses by purchasing the property via the Haida Enterprise Corporation.

In 2012 the lodge reopened as the Haida House at Tllaal, and began welcoming visitors seeking Haida cultural experiences.

In 2015 the property next door was purchased, adding another 44 acres of pristine land to the Haida House’s existing 8 acres. The Haida House is an advocate of Aboriginal Tourism and a ‘leave no footprint’ philosophy.

100% Haida Owned

Our cultural lodge focuses on preserving the past with integrity and respectfully sharing our knowledge with future generations. Our employees are considered a reflection of our island home and our cultural excursions are led by Haida Interpreters, so each experience is authentic and unique.

As a result of our commitment to environmental responsibility and a respectful balance with nature, you’ll discover the untouched beauty of our land, from silver shores to rugged cliffs and ancient forests. Your stay at Haida House will leave you with a unique understanding of our People and our land, and it is our hope that when your stay comes to an end, your journey as an ambassador for our northern archipelago will begin.

Proud to be part of the Haico Group of Companies