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Haida Gwaii, off the northern coast of British Columbia, is a temperate archipelago teeming with wildlife, ancient rainforests, pristine rivers and bays and Indigenous heritage sites. Since time immemorial, the Haida People have respected, honoured and protected this sacred place. Join us on a journey of discovery, to share in our rich culture and explore our untouched land.

Authentic Indigenous

Haida House is proud to be Authentic Indigenous designated - learn more.

the history of haida house

The lodge, which was built in the 1980s, was originally a privately-run inn named Tlell River House. After changing ownership, it became a trophy bear-hunting lodge and closed to the non-hunting public. In 1995, the Council of Haida Nation called for the end of the recreational bear hunt on Haida Gwaii, and successfully retired the last remaining bear hunting licenses by purchasing the property via the Haida Enterprise Corporation.

In 2012 the lodge reopened as the Haida House at Tllaal, and began welcoming visitors seeking authentic cultural experiences.

In 2015 Haida House acquired the neighbouring property, thereby adding another 44 acres of pristine land to our existing 8 acres. Haida House is an advocate of Indigenous Tourism and employs a ‘leave no footprint’ philosophy.

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100% Haida Owned

Haida House is 100% Haida-owned. Our team is dedicated to offering an authentic Haida Gwaii experience, enhanced by regionally-inspired cuisine and immersive eco-adventures and arts, culture and heritage programming. Cultural preservation is vital to our community, and Haida House is passionate about sharing our proud heritage and vibrant living culture with our guests and future generations.

We are also stewards of the land, and fiercely protect its wild unspoiled beauty. As such, Haida House is Sustainable Tourism Gold Certified and managed to the highest environmental standards. Every element is guided by the Haida concept of Yahguudang: respect for all living things and the interdependence that binds us. Nature is always our inspiration.

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